Connecting audiences with important events in life and in business.

About Everstream Live

Everstream Live was founded in 2019, a year before we entered a new era where streaming and zooming is the norm.

Since 2019, we have connected people from around the world with our unique approach to live video streaming.

Corporate Learning Events - Live Concert Series - Graduations - Cultural Series - Weddings

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Connecting Maui's events with the world.

Everstream Live Founders

“We started this company to help solve a problem - to close the distance between remote locations like Maui and the mainland through professional live event streaming.

Live streaming pairs my interests in film, business, education and technology, and will be a certain part of our future. ”

— Carlo Carbajal / CEO and Founder, Everstream Live


Makawao, Maui, HI



1988-1993 / Cal Poly State University, SLO, CA



1993 - Present:

Art Director, Creative Director, Brand Designer, Retail Decor Designer, Cinematographer, Director, Documentary Producer

2020 - Everstream Live / Company Founder


Stephen Luksic
" In 2014 I was Introduced to Bonded streaming while Technical Director at the Local Maui TV Station. 

My passion continues with video production and the exciting live streaming capabilities we have at Everstream Live. ”

Stephen Luksic, CTO and Co-Founder, Everstream Live


Kula, Maui, HI



1986 - University of Delaware



1995 - Present:

Freelance editor, Video production services for corporate clients, Film Edit + Production Educator,  Live Stream Educator


2020 - Everstream Live / Company Founder.


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